Thursday, July 10, 2008

Featured Photo...GO GREEN!

My latest Cafepress design features something! I snapped this photo of a bullfrog basking in a world of green at The Oregon Garden in Silverton.

This design is featured on T-shirts, note cards, tote bags, mugs, aprons, magnets, and other great gift items for your Favorite Frog Fanatic and Bullfrog Buddies!

Two great ideas for going green: Take a mug to work to use over and over again instead of using throw-away styrofoam cups. Use a re-usable tote bag for all of your shopping, not just at grocery stores, but any kind of shopping....

All of these great items can be found at my CafePress website: Susan Faye For Nature Lovers

If you're in Oregon, be sure to visit The Oregon Garden and say hi to my little green buddy and all of his pond friends....

Thanks for visiting!