Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lizards are Lovely

Illustration Friday
(theme: "SLITHER")

I've always been fascinated by lizards, especially the part where they would lose their tails when said tail was grabbed by a cat. With lots of lizards and cats in the neighborhood while growing up in Southern California, there were always plenty of tailless lizards slithering around...!

This watercolor painting is from the files and is called "Twig Lizard"--he was quite certain that I couldn't see him as he held very still and blended in so beautifully with the surrounding twigs.

My fondness for lizards grew considerably when my then-16-year-old son acquired a Bearded Dragon lizard named Ziggy. I was surprised by how lovely it was to hold a lizard in ones hands.

Here is a favorite photo of a tiny baby alligator lizard that was found sunning itself on my car tire, just as sweet as he/she could be!

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