Friday, February 22, 2008

Featured Art : "Melissa and Me"

Welcome to my very first Weblog entry! This is a very special watercolor painting that I created several years ago called "Melissa and Me". Melissa is my beautiful and oh-so-feisty 12-year-old tuxedo cat who hasn't let her dainty size or advanced years slow her down a bit. She's a terror at the vet's office- it always takes at least two assistants to hold her down and she takes great pride in always drawing blood. But inside this tiny spitfire is a heart of gold, a faithful friend, and a wonderful playmate with a sly sense of humor.

This image is available as a limited edition print at my watercolor website, and also on t-shirts, note cards, and giftware at Susan Faye Originals.

Thanks for visiting, Susan Faye

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