Friday, February 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Rabbits

I'm happy to announce that both of these rabbits have recently found new homes, thanks to the beautiful and talented Margot Cole, super Sales Consultant at Lawrence Gallery Sheridan, and a wonderful artist herself.

The jackrabbit was one of many that Dave and I spotted on one of the dusty back roads of Anza Borrego State Park in the California Desert, several springs ago. The cottontail was an inhabitant of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens in Claremont, California, caught munching on a grape leaf one bright morning....

Both have made their way to the Great Pacific Northwest, where they now reside as watercolor paintings in the private collection of a Portland couple. Like me, hopefully these Southwest bunnies will get used to a little less sunshine and thoroughly enjoy their new home.

To see my current collection of paintings at the Lawrence Gallery, please click here: Susan Faye at Lawrence Gallery

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Doda said...

these are lovely!

Laurie said...

Gosh! I am really impressed by your paintings. In my humble opinion, they are fantastic!
Best Wishes.


natalie jo said...

I love this painting of the cottontail! You are amazing with watercolors which I truely believe to be the most difficult mediums to work in. The few times I tried I ended up with mud! Soon after I decided to leave it to the experts, of which you are one!