Saturday, May 09, 2009

Farm Fresh

"parade" )

There's nothing this rooster likes better than to parade up and down the barnyard , strutting proudly before a throng of cheerfully waving sunflowers...

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Farm Fresh Rooster can be found on tote bags, tees, note cards and more at my Cafepress shop, with or without the caption "Farm Fresh":


Miss KB said...

Isnt't that the truth! Good job!

DEB said...

AND, roosters sell well! I know because I just came back from the artist's reception for an exhibition I have a cottontail, parrot and kitten in. The roosters other folks painted have sold. Mine are still there...Your illo is lovely!

Sandra Ovono said...

Roosters are really kings of love parade! Anyway, I can't help thinking of them when I see a man dancing to seduce a woman in a disco ;)
Very good illo!