Friday, May 09, 2008

Featured Painting...MOONLIGHT BEARS

This is my first in a series of new illustrations for a book I am working on--the painting is called "Moonlight Bears", featuring a Mama Bear (or Papa Bear!) and its cub enjoying the moonlight on a spring evening. The working title for the picture book is "Nurture Nature" but since the project is in its infancy, that is likely to change a number of times in the process...

The original artwork is not for sale at this time, however, the image can be found on a variety of items at my CafePress website: Susan Faye For Nature Lovers

My partner Dave had the pleasure of seeing a black bear out for a stroll in the woods just last week...He was out for a motorcycle ride out in the Coastal Hills northwest of Willamina when he came around the corner and met up with the surprised beast. Dave was relieved that the bear took off the opposite direction and was amazed at the speed and agility of what we sometimes think of a "lumbering" creature...

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